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Zeta Solar

Zeta is the leading UK developer and manufacturer of Solar Powered LED Lighting systems. Our innovative Solar powered lighting technology (Solar Powered Bus Shelter Lighting, Solar Powered Bus Stop Lighting, Solar Powered Amenity Lighting) has been incorporated into street furniture throughout the UK. Our LED Solar technology, advanced motion detection and vandal resistant construction differentiates our Solar lighting products.

Zeta LED

Zeta LED is the innovator of LED lighting solutions. Zeta LED incorporates the very latest in LED technology to provide rugged and reliable engineered products that are suited to your application. Zeta LED has developed custom luminaires for street lighting, for amenity lighting, for signage, for factory Flourescent tube replacement and for a wide variety of energy efficient lighting solutions.

Zeta Automotive

Zeta Automotive are the leading independent supplier of vehicle control systems and automotive engine management electronics in the UK. We design and manufacture advanced electronics for fuel economy and engine management such as road speed and acceleration limiters, engine speed control, stop/start, idle cut-out and other control and monitoring devices in cars, vans, trucks, utility and other commercial vehicles. We specialise in harsh environment applications such as power-take-off, hydrostatic control, protection and vehicle security.


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