All Wheel Drive ECU
Zeta has developed a highly intelligent drive control system for 4 wheel drive vehicles. This microprocessor based control unit senses inputs via the vehicle CANbus and wheel speed sensors and then controls the output drive to the gearbox in order to give a smooth 4 wheel drive experience.

Zeta was the first company in the UK to offer a full CANbus control system for Road sweepers. The Zeta system offered complete vehicle power, hydrostatic gearbox control, user interface via a full GIF LCD display. This system lead to full scale production deployment at the UK’s largest manufacturer which resulted in improved performance, reduced build time and improvements for trouble shooting.

Small scale Interface modules
Zeta has developed many interface control units for automotive and Lighting applications, incorporating Bluetooth, GPRS, current driving and PWM systems.

Safety Control Device; this module provides a safety interlock system alongside a user guide which ensures completely safe operation of a potentially hazardous operation.