ISO Accreditation

OK, so what is BS-EN-ISO 9001?
BS-EN-ISO 9001 is a standard that defines the requirements for a Quality Management System.

The standard originated in the UK with British Standard BS 5750, was accepted as a European Norm (EN) and is now recognised worldwide by the International Standards Organisation (ISO).

Are all your products approved to ISO 9001?
Products can’t be “approved” to ISO 9001. If a company claims that their products are, then they simply don’t understand what ISO 9001 is. All Zeta products are designed and built completely within the tight controls imposed by our ISO 9001 quality system.

Can anyone claim to be registered to ISO 9001?
Yes, provided they have been registered by a reputable certification body, however… there are many organisations that issue a registration to ISO 9001 but not all of them are accredited to do so!

To avoid any confusion and ensure the very highest standards we maintain our ISO 9001 approval directly with British Standards Quality Assurance.

What does your ISO 9001 mean to me?
Many companies feel it wise to maintain a regular check on their suppliers to ensure that standards are being maintained. Effectively, a team of professional auditors from the British Standards Quality Assurance organisation does this job for you – this is called a “third-party audit” and is your guarantee that we have a system that guarantees high quality from start to finish in all our processes.

bsi-and-ukas 2015 (WITH CERTIFICATION NUMBER)Is ISO 9001 all I need worry about?
It is certainly a good start. However, at Zeta we regard ISO 9001 as simply a sound foundation on which to build quality. We believe that real quality can only be achieved through the ability and integrity of our team and genuine commitment and support from management.