Zeta Intersection Management (ZIM) is a project aimed to respond to the real-world challenges facing the future of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) related technologies for advanced traffic control solutions.

In the proposed system, the intention is that vehicles will reserve time and space as they approach an intersection, and intersection manager agents control vehicles crossing in a conflict-free way.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are applied to learn CAV driving behaviours, vehicle status and preferences to improve traffic state and ensure user safety.

This project offers a number of features which are innovative, both commercially and technically. The innovation is to transform the current intersection traffic control systems to a level of usability and integration that supports CAV users with intelligent, integrated and retrofit system and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) solution in order to provide real-time traffic control data to approaching vehicles whilst ensuring safety and lower carbon emissions. This provides users with the confidence to adopt CAVs at a scale and the CAV supply chain with confidence to invest in this market.